The Happiest KOSHER Vacation

Did you know that Panama is the happiest country on the planet?  That’s right, according to Gallup, Panamanians are the happiest people on earth.  “In Panama, 53 percent of residents were thriving in at least three aspects of their well-being — the highest percentage of all the countries surveyed. Part of the reason for Panama’s high ranking may be that people there, and in Latin America in general, tend to report experiencing positive emotions more often, and negative emotions less, compared with people in other parts of the world…”.

happybeachpeople1As a kosher traveler, you’re going to be the happiest person in Panama while you’re on vacation.  After all, what other tropical paradise offers over twenty kosher restaurants and two completely kosher supermarkets?  Trust us, you’ll have a very hard time saying good-bye and will already be thinking about your next trip to Panama as you leave.  It’s just that good.

Panama Kosher Tours is going to work with you to create the vacation experience that’s best for you.  Whether you want world class deep-sea fishing, spectacular scuba-diving and snorkeling, surfing, jungle excursions, historic sightseeing, touring the Panama Canal, all of the above or something completely different, Panama Kosher Tours will make sure that your time in Panama is well-spent and that all the details of your needs as a Kosher traveler are well-attended to.

Panama Kosher Tours is closely affiliated with Ce Viaja, Panama’s premier travel agency since 1993.  No one knows how to travel around and stay comfortably in Panama better than Ce Viaja.  Together, Panama Kosher Tours and Ce Viaja team up to power your kosher travel dreams into reality!

What are you waiting for?  Get in touch with us and begin planning your next vacation in Panama.  The weather’s always balmy, kosher food abounds, and natural beauty will surround you.  No wonder Panamanians are the happiest people on earth!


  • We are would like a budget tour in Jan. or Feb for 5 to 7 days
    We are kosher shomar Shabbat we are interested in the
    canal nature and Jewish history. We are over 65 in good
    physical health. Please contact us and explain when you have
    a tour and how much it will cost We would like to talk to a person who
    explain and help us with our questions. 732-9429226
    Brita and Sy Wiesenberg


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